As an artist based in the vibrant city of Los Angeles, I draw my inspiration from the breathtaking beauty of our Mother Nature. My artistic journey commenced in 2013 as an expressionist, primarily using oil paint. While I cherished the experience of working with this medium, my heart was inevitably drawn towards the realm of abstract art, enticed by the liberating qualities of acrylic.

In my pursuit of self-expression, I embarked on a boundless exploration of creativity. My artistic toolkit expanded to include mixed media, inviting elements of texture and acrylic paint to dance together on my canvas. I revel in the fusion of organic materials such as wood, hemp, sand, mud, and fabrics, infusing my creations with a passionate medley of bold, vibrant colors and rich textures. It's in this process of artistic immersion that I find the most profound satisfaction.

My art, in its purest form, is a tangible manifestation of my innermost feelings and emotions. Through sharing my work with the world, my aspiration is to spread happiness, kindle hope, and offer a sense of boundless freedom to others, much as it has gifted these sentiments to me.


-Member of Los Angeles Art Association

-Member of Art Critique Group at Los Angeles Art Association

-Member of Art Collector - LAAA


Exhibitions and Events:

- Private Solo Art Show 2021

- Juried art online Exhibition" Habitual"at Los Angeles Art Association - Dec 2022

- Group Art Exhibition" Coy " at Los Angeles Art Association - February 2023

- Group Art Exhibition " non Sequitur" at Los Angeles Art Association - April 2023

- Group Art Exhibition "confection" at LA Art Association - April 2023

- Group Art Exhibition "Foolish Game" at LA Art Association - September 2023

- Group Art Exhibition "Aurora" at LA Art Association - November 2023

- ExpoMetro - Miami December 2022

- ExpoMetro - Barcelona - July 2023

- ExpoMetro - New York - December 2023

- Cafe Exhibition - Abstract Zone - July 2023

- Biafarin - Canada "Curves" - September 2023

- KBM Art Gallery - December 2023

- Gallerium Exhibition -Canada "Melancholy" 2023-2024

- Exhibizone XMAS - 2023